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What Is A Release Liner?

One Sided Film Release Liner
One Sided Film Release Liners


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Two Sided Release Liners


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Paper Release Liners


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Paper Release Liners

A release liner is a product that carries a sticky substrate (pressure sensitive adhesive) until it is ready for its next step. Sometimes called a 'carrier' or a 'backing' paper/film, release liners hold onto or carry the sticky substrate, until whatever it is carrying is ready to be released.

Release liner can be film-based, paper-based, polycoated-paper based, or even have unique substrates, such as metallized papers/films as their base. Release liner substrates are often coated with silicone, which allows whatever the liner is carrying to release when the time is right. However, this release can also be accomplished with non-silicone coatings or even with a surface characteristic of the substrate that doesn’t require a coating at all. These are highly specialized release liners. 

Multiple End Use Market Applications

Pressure-sensitive adhesives require the use of a liner to carry the adhesive and face through converting and application. Pressure-sensitive labels, tapes and graphic arts are global applications where strength of the liner is important for adhesive coating, die-cutting and converting. In the case of labels, the liner must be designed to perform in high speed automated application equipment. 

Medical and hygiene markets also utilize release liners for applications including electrodes, wound dressings, transdermal patches, diapers and feminine care products. Medical applications can require higher levels of cleanliness in the manufacturing process, and the products must often meet special regulatory requirements. The removal of the release liner for these products is usually done by hand, often by the consumer, so consistency of release is imperative. 

Industrial applications for release liner include building and construction applications such as roofing shingles, weatherproofing and insulation products. The manufacturing of composites for aerospace, wind energy, recreation and automotive applications utilize release liners during the manufacture of pre-preg, an early stage of the manufacture of finished composite products. These are highly specialized applications where the liner is exposed to high temperature fluctuations and must maintain its dimensional stability.

Fox River Associate’s Product and Services for Release Liners

Fox River Associates specializes in offering a wide variety of release liner products – siliconized films and papers that are customized to customer specifications. We work with customers to understand their specific needs, and to assist in recommending the appropriate product for the unique application. Our commitment to carrying inventory allows us to deliver in a timely fashion to help our customers/partners grow. With Fox River Associates, you are not restricted by large minimum order quantities. 

For more information about release liners, and the Fox River Associates product offering that can help serve your needs, contact us at (800)647-6579.

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