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Release Liners for Tape Applications


Paper Release Liner S1S
Tape Release Liners


Paper Release Liner S2S
Tape Release Liners


Film Release Liner S1S
Tape Release Liners


Film Release Liner S2S
Tape Release Liners

Fox River Associates release liners for tape applications are designed with a silicone release coating that  provides the optimum release level for the final product.  The single and double side coated release liners can be tailored to work well with adhesives intended for low tack applications all the way to permanent adhesive end uses.

These release coatings can be applied to a variety of substrates to assist your development effort to design the best liner/coating combination possible. Release liners for tape applications are available on the following substrates:

  • Polyester (PET)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Glassine 1-side silicone coated
  • Glassine 2-side silicone coated
  • Polyethylene Coated Paper with 1 and 2 side silicone coating

Fox River Associates has a large number of different base substrate and coating combinations that are designed for tape applications. Fox River Associates can also customize a release liner coating/substrate for your specific product. We attempt to have a wide variety of release liners (caliper, release coating, base substrate, width, etc.) on hand to provide quick delivery to your facility.

Selecting the Best Release Liner for your Tape Application can be Easy

For those who may be designing a new product, one of our experienced professionals can help you through the selection process. Through a series of questions to help understand your product requirements, together we can identify the release liner that will help you deliver the best product possible. Our short turnaround time from contact to receipt of material helps you to provide the most timely service to your customers.

For current Fox River Associates’ customers, reordering is quick and convenient. Once a product is selected, Fox River Associates will work to have that material available in our inventory so turnaround time is minimized. This method of managing inventory helps ensure you have material when you need it and in the quantities that you require.

Contact Fox River Associates at (800)647-6579 to discuss your liner needs. One of our experienced professionals will contact you shortly to talk about your application and together select a release liner that will provide the right performance for your product. You can also reach us using our easy-to-use form along the left side of this page and you will be contacted shortly.

The Fox River Advantage

At Fox River Associates, we treat each opportunity equally and make sure we offer the right product in the quickest time frame.

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