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Siliconized Paper Release Liners

One Sided Siliconized Paper Release Liner
One Sided Siliconized Paper Release Liners


Two Sided Siliconized Paper Release Liner
Two Sided Siliconized Paper Release Liners

Fox River Associates can have custom siliconized paper release liners produced to nearly any specification if we don't already have a perfected siliconized paper release liner for your application. All of our siliconized paper release liners can be cut into nearly any shape for a custom fit siliconized paper release liner. Finally, there are very little limitations on production volume, when it comes to siliconized paper release liners, we can produce as little or as many siliconized paper release liners as your order requires, in most cases.

Each siliconized release paper liner is engineered for a specific application based on length, width, thickness, pressure resistance, temperature ratings, elasticity, flexibility and more. There is a particular siliconized paper release liner for most industries that has already been perfected by Fox River Associates, such as:

  • Medical Instrumentation or diagnostic tools
  • Marketing Materials
  • Interior Design Elements
  • Upholstery Application
  • Adhesive Bandages
  • Information Badges
  • Childrens Stickers
  • Indoor/Outdoor Notices
  • Warning Labels
  • and more

Fox River Associates sells siliconized paper release liners which are paper lined substrates that work with self adhesive products for a clean, strong application when removed. Our siliconized paper release liners are composed in multiple configurations including various iterations of one sided and two sided siliconized paper release liner substrates. Each siliconized paper release liner can be mass produced to any shape, size, even color to your specifications or from a prototype that we can produce for you with our release liner engineers.

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