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Release Liner Applications

Release Liners Applications For more than 25 years, Fox River Associates has been supplying high quality release liners that are designed for specific end uses. Release level, caliper, substrate strength, temperature resistance are only some of the factors that are considered when we engineer a release liner for your application. The correct release coating helps ensure that your adhesive will remain intact when it is supposed to and release when intended. Release coatings include different types of silicone as well as Fluorosilicone release coatings.

Release Liners Applications

Release Liner Industries and Markets

Fox River Associates has release liners that are currently being used in these and other end applications:

  • Medical
  • Composite
  • Electronics
  • Tape/Mastic
  • Industrial
  • Roofing/Construction
  • Specialty label

Whether it is meeting a currently accepted standard for a specific industry or designing a new liner for your specific product, we can work with you to supply the best product. We have industry experts that understand your application and will work with you to determine the best liner for your application.

Fox River Associates can supply liners that meet a wide variety of application requirements. These liners can be supplied in the quantities and dimensions that your project requires. Whether your product requires a film or a paper based release liner, we can offer the best solution for your application. If you already know the specifics of the liner you require, or you need help determining the best design for a release liner, Fox River Associates is here to help you. Fill out the form on this page to request more information today!

For more information on release liner applications or markets, contact Fox River Associates today at 630.232.3824. Also feel free to fill out our easy-to-use form along the left and one of our release liner sales specialists will get back to you shortly.


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