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Release Liner Applications for Medical Markets

Release Liners for Medical MarketsFox River Associates is your quality provider of siliconized film and paper release liners for medical applications. Pressure sensitive adhesives are being used to a greater extent and the silicone release liner performance has become even more critical. 

Silicone release coatings for the medical market are specifically designed for superior performance with soft skin contact adhesives, hydrogels, urethanes, silicone adhesives, hydrocolloids, drug loaded adhesives and many others. Release from soft adhesives must be paired with a silicone formulation or a fluoro coating that allows clean removal with no residue restricting the adhesive’s functionality. Developing this right combination of substrate and release coatings to meet your demanding medical application is our expertise.

Fox River Associates understands the unique needs of the medical industry and is qualified to help you specify the right release liners for your needs. Contact our team today at (800) 647-6579 or info@foxriverassociates.com for more information. 


Whether you are an adhesive coater, converter, fabricator, die cutter or product designer of medical products, Fox River Associates offers the right release liner substrate to meet your application. 

  • PET Polyester Film
  • PP Polypropylene, HDPE High Density Polyethylene, LDPE Low Density Polyethylene
  • Embossed or Patterned Films
  • Glassine Direct Coated Paper
  • PCK Poly Coated Paper
  • Variety of Colored Films and Paper
  • Custom Printing Available

These substrates are silicone release coated one or both sides, equal release or differential release to ensure performance of your product.


For each new opportunity Fox River Associates works closely with our customers, partners and suppliers to address regulatory and cleanliness requirements at the onset of the project. From downstream sterilization tolerances to FDA compliance, RoHs REACH, ISO certified quality systems and cleanliness requirements, we strive to find the best solution for your silicone release liner need.

Fox River Associates is available to help you navigate the release liner requirements for your product.  Use the form on the left or call us today at (800) 647-6579 to start the conversation.


We stock the highest quality products in key locations close to our customers. Don’t be restricted by large minimum order quantities or long leadtimes. Fox River Associates partners with customers from proto-type stage, through extensive testing periods, to successful product market launch. We provide any sample size and quantity of rolls needed along the way. 

It takes an informed, proven supplier to understand the requirements of such a diverse range of medical applications … an innovative supplier, highly skilled in market knowledge and problem solving. 
Fox River Associates is ready to work with you.

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