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Release Liners for Wearable Medical Devices and Transdermal Patches


Advances in the healthcare and medical industries include a variety of new wearable medical devices and transdermal patches.  These products require release liners that provide protection, strength, cleanliness and security.  Wearable medical devices and medical cannabis patches are recent medical/healthcare advances that are experiencing industry growth.  Fox River Associates specializes in providing the right combination of film release liner and release coating to serve these growing applications. 

Whatever your design parameters and specifications, our team is ready to help.  Call (800) 647-6579 or email info@foxriverassociates.com for more information about our product offering. 

Release Liners for Wearable Medical Devices

Whatever adhesive your medical devices require - silicone, hydrogel, acrylic, combination - Fox River Associates has the right release liner for your application.   We offer a full line of film release liners including silicone and fluorosilicone release coatings for the medical market.  These substrates can be silicone release coated on one or both sides, with equal release or differential release to ensure the optimum performance of your product.

Fox River Associates’ release liners are used in many ways for medical device manufacture.  Our release liners are ideal in multi-layer processing applications and are excellent for protection of electronic wiring and skin penetration points within the devices.  Fox River Associates’ release liners offer strength, precise thickness, puncture-resistance, excellent die-cuttability and cleanliness.

Release Liners for Cutting-Edge Medical Cannabis Patches

Transdermal medical loaded patches are commonly used for motion sickness, nitroglycerin delivery to heart patients and for consumer nicotine patches.  Today, TDDS technology is expanding into other unique medicines like medical THC (cannabinoids), Ritalin, new Parkinson’s treatments and many other emerging medicinal developments.  Skin penetrating patches offer benefits in drug delivery over edibles, creams and vapes.  Fox River Associates’ filmic release liners are ideal for all medicine loaded patches, including the growing need for medical cannabis delivery.

We offer silicone and fluorosilicone release coatings for the Medical Market which are specifically designed for superior performance with soft skin contact adhesives, hydrogels, urethanes, silicone adhesives, hydrocolloids, drug loaded adhesives and many others. Our release liners can have release coatings on one or both sides, with equal release or differential release to ensure performance of your product.


Fox River Associates – Serving the Medical Release Liner Market

Fox River Associates offers a full range of release liners for the medical market including PET Film Release Liners, PP, HDPE, LDPE Film Release Liners, Glassine and SCK Paper Release Liners, PCK Paper Release Liners.  These substrates are available in 1 and 2 side coated options. 

Other non-coated options or custom release liner products can be designed by Fox River Associates upon request.

To learn more about our release liners for medical devices and medical cannabis patches, or our full line of medical release liners, contact Fox River Associates at info@foxriverassociates.com or call (800) 647-6579. 

Fox River Associates Offers Solutions

Fox River Associates works diligently to offer release liners that work well with all of today’s medical market needs.   Stock rolls of many types are on hand and can be tailor slit to your desired width/length.  We are committed to continually expanding our product offering as the market and product offerings evolve.  

For more information on release liners for medical applications, contact Fox River Associates at (800) 647-6579 or fill use our REQUEST MORE INFORMATION form on the right.  Our medical release liner sales specialists will contact you shortly. 

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