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Release Liners Designed for Medical Market Applications

Medical Market Applications of Release Liners As you may know, the medical market and healthcare industries are in a state of constant evolution, creating and implementing revolutionary new technologies on a nearly daily basis. It is only fitting then, that release liners for these medical applications be in a state of continual improvement, and that is what we at Fox River Associates constantly strive to achieve. Fox River Associates has strong ties in the medical market with innovative companies, and we leverage these connections to create and update our release liner technology to be as effective as possible when used with products in the medical market.

Medical Market Release Liner Specs

Fox River Associates works tirelessly to ensure that our release liners for the medical market have been engineered to perform to the highest standards, under a large variety of conditions. The medical market includes a wide variety of uses for release liners, but nearly every use requires release liners that are flexible, durable, hypo-allergenic, and easy-to-use. We consider as many factors as possible when developing our release liners for the medical market. This includes the storage environment for the release liners, and any conditions like heat, cold, stretching, moisture, and weight/pressure that the release liners could encounter throughout their use life. The release liner engineers on our team work together with all of these factors to design high-performing release liners specifically for the medical market.

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