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The Fox River Associates Process

Self Adhesive Products Tailored to your application needs

  • Define the application with customer
  • Determine what they need by asking questions and solving problems - Fox River Associates offers solutions and cares about the small customers
  • Choose “correct” engineered paper or film liner (Fox River is known for its fast response time with correct product for application)
  • Trial run
  • Product or process changes if needed
  • Scale up
  • Standard specification for customer - becomes a partner on an ongoing basis
  • Purchase ongoing quantity and carrying the inventory at least three (3) months
  • Inventory – Fox River Associates is committed to inventory allowing our customers/partners to grow while supporting customers with small quantities of technical product when needed
  • Convert to size/shape or release as is
  • Ship in a timely fashion

Fox River Associates
Customized release liner production runs to your specifications with reasonable order amount minimums for single purpose runs or last minute emergencies.
Siliconized Film / Paper Release Liners

stock rolls on hand . . .
. . . we are committed to carrying inventory that allows us to deliver in a timely fashion to help our customers/partners grow. Don’t be restricted by large minimum order quantities (MOQ).