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Release Liner Industries

One Sided Film Release Liner
One Sided Release Liners


Two Sided Film Release Liner
Two Sided Release Liners

Fox River Associates engineers release liners for industries with products that consumers and professionals use everyday:

  • Automotive Part Release Liners
  • Composite Material Release Liners
  • Electronics Component Release Liners
  • Graphic Design Release Liners
  • Industrial Product Release Liners
  • Medical Release Liners
  • Building/Construction Material Release Liners
  • Tag/Label Release Liners
  • Tape/Mastic Release Liners

Each release liner is approached individually for each industry and application to get the best performance configuration possible. Our release liners are used on self adhesive products for both indoor and outdoor products. In the electronics or medical industries, release liners have a more involved production process only because they may require sanitation or static-free precautions be taken. While in our industrial or automotive industry release liners, it is expected to perform under harsher conditions and will be a stronger, more durable release liner.

Since we have the luxury of engineering custom release liners in both shape, size, and strength, we have a particular knack for finding the right release liner for your self adhesive product application. Our team can guide you through the process if you need a new type of release liner from concept, to prototyping, to production. If we already have a release liner solution for your self adhesive products, we need only fill your order accordingly.

Fox River Associates can get your release liners engineered from specifications delivered to us by your product manufacturers as well. Making your release liner a perfect pairing with your self adhesive products on the first try.

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