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Polyester Silicone Release Liner

A Polyester Silicone Release Liner is a substrate configured especially for tensile strength and clarity. The polyester silicone release liner is resistant to high temperatures and an extremely tough release liner. One key feature of Polyester Silicone Release Liners is that they have one of the highest heat resistance ratings in all plastic-based release liners.

Polyester Silicone Release Liners are available in different thicknesses depending on the application and product specifications. If the polyester silicone release liner calls for a single sided release liner, there is a layer of silicone, then a polyester layer. A polyethylene terephthalate or "PET" is generally applied for high tensile strength, transparency, reflectivity and gas barriers.

One polyester silicone release liner configuration is the one-sided release liner with only one silicone layer on the top with an exposed poly layer on the bottom. You can order Polyester silicone release liners in different thicknesses and they come in standard configurations or we can customize your order to your specifications if requested.

Polyester Silicone Release Liners are available in:

  • Polyester 1 Sided Release Liners
  • Polyester 2 Sided Release Liners

Fox River Associates specializes in the engineering of various release liners for a wide range or self adhesive products from around the world. Our release liner experience is backed by countless satisfied customers and well performing self adhesive products. Whether it's for a single order or a recurring order of polyester silicone release liners, Fox River Associates can get you your product on time, and at an affordable price.

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