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Paper Release Liners

Paper Release Liner S1S
Paper Release Liners


Paper Release Liner S2S
Paper Release Liners


Paper Release Liner S1S
Paper Release Liners


Paper Release Liner S2S
Paper Release Liners

Fox River Associates engineers paper release liners as a paper core with a silicone coat on either one side or two side. Paper release liners can also be engineered with poly layers or without them. Our paper release liners come in a variety of configurations allowing each paper release liner to tap into unique markets making them capable of being used in many varied applications.

Fox River Associates’ siliconized paper release liners can vary based on the paper core. The paper release liner core can be different: strength, color, thickness, texture, and more. When our clients need specific release liner specification, perhaps based on the adhesive’s strength, we can make considerable recommendations on the choice of paper release liner that will perform the best.

While paper release liners have some flexibility due to the silicone coating but the paper core is still susceptible to creasing. Paper release liners are typically paired for indoor, normalized climate items. Paper release liners are not engineered for high heat or sub-zero temperatures. Self adhesive products utilizing a paper release liner may be used outdoors but prior to application, a paper release liner product should be stored at room temperature indoors.

Paper release liners are often utilized in the shipping and transport industry as well as other industries where pressure sensitive sealing is required for dealing with high friction and heavy objects.

A few applications paper release liners are used in include:

  • Medical Instrumentation or diagnostic tools
  • Marketing Materials
  • Interior Design Elements
  • Tape
  • Adhesive Bandages
  • Information Badges
  • Childrens Stickers
  • Indoor / Outdoor Notices
  • Warning Labels
  • and more

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