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Paper Release Liner Industries

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Paper Release Liners for Many Various Industries

Paper based release liners supplied by Fox River Associates are used in multiple end uses to enhance the delivery of the customer’s final product. Paper based release liners provide increased temperature resistance, higher opacity and increased stiffness over film based release liners.

Different types of paper substrates are available for various end applications. Fox River Associates can supply glassine, SCK and PE extruded paper based release liners. Paper release liners can be produced with low or high internal moisture to deliver improved dimensional stability in your application. High or low caliper paper liners can help increase heat transfer in your process or help insulate your product from the high temperatures in your manufacturing process. Paper based substrates with a PE extrusion on both sides can deliver improved layflat and dimensional stability properties, while providing a smoother release surface for your adhesive or coating.

Paper Release Liners vs. Film Release Liners

Film liners are typically used in applications that require very smooth surface, drapeability, translucency and need to have improved resistance to moisture.  Films are frequently used in medical and electronic applications where a higher level of cleanliness is required.  They are also available in a variety of colors to help differentiate final products.  Paper liners provide greater temperature resistance, increased stiffness and higher resistance to many solvent based coatings. 

Get Quality Engineered Paper Release Liners

All release liners are not created equally.  Fox River Associates works to engineer and deliver the paper based release liner that helps you provide the best product possible to your customer.  Let our experts work with you to identify a liner that will work best with your adhesive, resin or coating.

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