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Release Liners for the Label Market

The role of the release liner in the pressure-sensitive label industry is different than many other applications. For labels, the release liner must serve as a reliable carrier of the label laminate during printing, converting and application. Additionally, the liner must provide a hard surface for die-cutting the intricate shapes used in the prime label industry, without allowing the die to break through the silicone layer which can cause the adhesive to stick to the liner and disrupt the release performance during application.

Paper-Based Release Liners

The pressure-sensitive label market primarily uses uncoated paper release liners. SCK, or Super Calendered Kraft, is commonly used in the United States, whereas glassine release liners, which are similar to SCK but include a polyvinyl alcohol or PVOH top coat, are widely used in the rest of the world. Paper liner substrates offer good lay flat characteristics and can be back printed for branded applications. SCK and Glassine liners offer a good hard surface for die-cutting against, an essential part of the label industry. Contact Fox River Associates today to learn more about our paper-based release liners for label industry applications.

Film-Based Release Liners

Release films are also used in the label industry because they are resistant to high temperatures and provide extreme durability. PET is a common film release liner substrate because its offers good tensile strength, and thermal stability. BOPP is used in highly specialized applications where its good chemical and abrasion resistance is needed.

Specialty Label Applications

Many applications in the label industry are high volume, commodity products. Fox River Associates products are specially designed to serve specialty label applications that require higher performance standards for coating, die cutting and label application. When using heavier facestocks and adhesive coat weights, our specialty release liners will provide superior performance for your end use.

Fox River Associates’ product offering for pressure-sensitive specialty label applications includes:

  • 62 – 65 gsm Glassine Release Liners
  • 23, 30, 36, 50 micron PET Release Liners
  • BOPP Release Liner available for Specialty Applications

For more information about release liners for the label market, contact Fox River Associates today!


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