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Release Liners for the Label Market

Fox River Associates offers tag and label release liners in two slightly different configurations: the Super Calandered Kraft (SCK) release liner and the Glassine release liner. Generally speaking the Super Calandered Kraft release liners are preferred in the United States while the Glassine release liner is opted for more often in Europe for their tag and label release liner applications involving the use of the glassine release liners polyvinyl top coat.

Tag & Label Release LinersFox River Associates tag and label release liners include:
  • 42#, #50 Glassine Release Liners
  • PET 1.25 mil, 1.5 mil, 2.0 mil 1 sided release liners
  • Equal or Differential Release Liners

Fox River Associates also offers Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) one sided, biaxially oriented film release liners designed to be highly resistant to heat and durable overall. It is known especially for its high tensile strength, electrical insulation and gas barrier properties.

The PET release liner configuration is also available in varying thicknesses. Single sided release liners are developed with a single layer of silicone, an initial poly layer, either a film or paper layer and a final poly layer.

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