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How Release Liners Work

Film Release Liner
Film Release Liners


Paper Release Liner
Paper Release Liners

Fox River Associates' release liners work with film and paper layered release liner substrates. The siliconized film release liner is such a reliable release liner because of the extremely low surface tension. The low surface energy of silicone release liners required for separation allows for strong cohesive products to transfer easily off the release liner during installation.

Siliconized film release liners low surface tension makes them reliable for as long as the self adhesive still bonds.

Since silicone is flexible and film can stand up to cold, heat and pressure, film release liners can be used on a much broader range of release liners to get the best shape and coverage of a self adhesive product before application. Whereas a rigid release liner may be limited to only flat applications and runs the risk of cracking and even separating during transport.

Paper release liners still contain siliconized, layered substrates and have many applications. Paper release liners are better suited for light weight substrates like a name tag or a medical bandage. Where all the flexibility comes with silicone and film, paper saves on weight and is still flexible. Paper release liners are on products that are handled, shipped, and stored differently than film release liners. Paper release liners may not be exposed to weather during shipping or storage like a roofing product or industrial construction product. Paper release liner products are typically stored and shipped in a climate controlled environment.

Film release liners and paper release liners both have their strengths and weaknesses which is why they compliment each other for almost any self adhesive product. Film release liners can take the pressure and the heat that paper cannot. While paper release liners are better on weight, sterilization and production cost.

Whether its paper or film, Fox River Associates can help.

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