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Film Release Liners

Film Release Liner S1S
Siliconized Film Release Liners


Film Release Liner S2S
Siliconized Film Release Liners

Fox River Associates offers you to choose from two versions of our film release liners. The technical and customization options for each film release liner can be refined to work with and reflect your products in the best way possible.

In our Siliconized Film Release Liners, there are two configurations that create our release liners. The first film release liner is configured in a S1S formation with one layer of silicone and one film layer. The second film release liner is configured in a S2S formation with one layer of silicone on top, the film layer in the middle, and finally another silicone layer on the bottom.

These self adhesive release liner product configurations are available to best suit your products for your application. Film release liners are used in multiple industries on many applications and Fox River Associates’ film release liners perform well for all of them.

Some of Fox River Associates’ siliconized film release liners are used heavily in the construction and building industry. Some film release liners are used on the outside for roofing, foundation waterproofing, window seals, flashing and more. A few indoor applications for film release liners are self adhesive pipe wrapping, or self adhesive window and door seals to keep cold or warm air in the building.

Film Release liners are strong enough for even pressure sensitive adhesive products for transport and packaging, making film release liners a great product for manufacturers and distributors of all types.

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