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Film Release Liners

Film Release Liner S1S
Film Release Liners


Film Release Liner S2S
Film Release Liners

Film release liners are available for manufacturing using a couple different materials:

Polyolefin – Usually made out of either high density or low density polyethylene resins.

BOPP – Stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, most commonly found in plastic covering pop tops or plastics covering foods.

In general, each of these can be completely customized by mixing different materials together to form film release liners that can cater to each application.

Due to the materials film release liners are manufactured from, they are commonly found in pressure sensitive labels and pressure sensitive adhesives. This is due to the increased tensile strength that all film release liners share which prevents tearing. Additionally, these materials used to manufacture film release liners also make them highly weather resistant to either extreme heat or cold.

These characteristics make film release liners highly popular in medical or laboratory use where objects are often exposed to varying degrees of temperature.

In all cases, film release liners can be either single sided or double sided for extra protection. Generally made up of a film layer in the center and a variation of layers following, usually consisting of a clay coating or a poly coating.

Like paper release liners, it’s important to consider the peel force and release profile needed for the application in question. These can be changed based on the amount of adhesive used as well as the type of adhesive.

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