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Film Release Liners

Filmic Release Liner S1S
Film Release Liners

Filmic Release Liner S2S
Film Release Liners

Film release liners are used for a variety of self adhesive product applications in many different industries because they are so versatile. Fox River Associates' film release liners are used in the medical industry, automotive parts, aeronautics, electronics, and more.

Since film release liners can be engineered to various thicknesses and sizes, the applications are endless. Not only can Fox River Associates engineer your release liner from concept to prototype, we can develop the specifications to reproduce your release liner.

Film release liners are engineered to be highly tolerant of heat and be flexible. When a release liner is bent, stretched, and put under heavy pressure, it has to perform well.

Fox River Associates engineers industrial film release liners for industries like construction and building materials. Specifically, our release liners are great for roofing underlayment, window seals, pipe wrapping, flashing tape, as well as various packaging applications.

When film release liners are engineered, they can be calibrated to have higher tensile strengths that increases its durability and resistance to tearing. This makes the film release liner the stronger, wiser choice when a release liner is needed that can withstand cold, heat, weight and moisture better than any other.

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