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Film Release Liners for Composite Markets

Film Release Liners for Composite Markets The composite market that Fox River Associates engineers and distributes film release liners to are among the best quality in the world for consistency with minimal variation. We keep precise records and documentation of the exact makeup and configuration of the film release liners produced for you so they can be reproduced again and again for future production. The end user of the film release liners will have the exact same performance and reliability from any batch that comes from Fox River Associates.

Quality Film Release Liners for Composite Markets

Fox River Associates release films provide consistent release and protection for your composite material. These high quality films are produced in an ISO 9001 production operation.

Fox River Associates offers polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, Coex and other versions of filmic release liners for a variety of composite applications. Release films are available in flat, diamond embossed, taffeta and other embossed patterns. The film release liners can be ordered in a multitude of different calipers to match your product requirements. These film release liners have a very uniform caliper for repeatable performance in your prepreg processes. Multiple colors are available and unique color/opacity combinations can be developed for specific applications.

Other Options for Film Release Liners for Composite Markets

Fox River Associates’ flat and embossed PE film release liners can be specified with and without a silicone coating on them based on the end use. For those release liner applications where a silicone coating is desired, a variety of different silicone coating formulations are available to obtain the desired release for your applications. The consistent release levels help make it possible to expect the same performance from lot to lot on all our film release liners.

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