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Film Release Liner

Film Release Liner S1S
Film Release Liners


Film Release Liner S2S
Film Release Liners

Fox River Associates works closely with our clients to engineer the best performing film release liner for the intended conditions. Using film, which can be a poly coated substrate, the film release liner can gain the flexibility and strength that you can't get from a paper release liner.

A film release liner adds the durability to work in harsher climates and weather, especially one that could be exposed to moisture. Although, there are many applications that are perfect for a paper release liner, moisture does not mix well with paper. Since the film release liners are a plastic base, it repells moisture rather than absorb it, creating a better substrate.

Film release liners are available in many configurations that you can choose from or a custom film release liner can be engineered directly from your specifications and requirements. There are differences in self adhesives that your release liner will need to interact with and Fox River Associates can find the perfect release liner for your self adhesive product.

Our film release liners are stored in controlled climate conditions, even though the release liners are cold and heat resistant to extreme tolerances, as well as moisture resistant. If our release liners do not perform as they are specified, we will always do our best to correct the issue because we care more about the quality for our customers than anything else.

Film Release Liners are available in the following:

  • PE, PP, PET, Specialty
  • S1S, S2S
  • Printed
  • Colors
  • Embossed
  • Solvent, Solvent-less, UV
  • Film Release Liner for Silicone Adhesive
  • Non-Silicone Film Release Liner

Film Release Liner Applications:

  • Film Release Liner for asphaltic and/or polymeric asphalt coated roofing UNDERLAYMENT - protects self-adhesive roofing membrane for waterproofing as well as foundation wrap
  • Film Release Liner for WINDOW SEAL - products self-adhesive tape for air and moisture barrier around window frames
  • Film Release Liner for PIPE WRAP TAPE - protects self-adhesive tape for concrete joint sealant
  • Film Release Liner for FLASHING TAPE - protects self-adhesive tape for air and moisture barrier on roof angles and joists
  • Film Release Liner for pressure sensitive polystyrene used in PACKAGING
  • Film Release Liner for expanded polystyrene (EPS) FOAM
  • Film Release Liner for SIGNAGE products that are digitally die cut

It takes an experienced, proven release liner supplier to understand the requirements of such a diverse range of applications . . . an innovative release liner supplier, highly skilled in product knowledge and problem solving. Fox River Associates is that release liner supplier.

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At Fox River Associates, we treat each opportunity equally and make sure we offer the right product in the quickest time frame.

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