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Film Release Liner Prototyping

Film Release Liners When a new product is designed that requires a film release liner, our job is to arrange the engineering of an exact fit release liner. Film release liner prototyping can be approached in more than one way. Film release liner prototyping can be achieved digitally with the original specifications and designs of the self-adhesive product. Also, film release liner prototyping can be done manually with fabrication and experience.

How Does a Film Release Liner Prototype Get Mass Produced

Once we have a film release liner template that meets the standard of our quality and the specifications of the product itself, we can get it mass produced now and any time in the future and the product will be exactly the same. We save the digital film release liner prototyping version that became the final product. For the physically fabricated route, we keep the template of the film release liner prototype fabrication with meticulous notes on the production in order to replicate it exactly in the future.

What Types of Film Release Liners Can You Get Prototyped

Each application of a film release liner calls for specifications from the manufacturer of the product. The film release liner may call for extreme heat resistance, flexibility, rigidity, non-conductive for electronic parts, and so on. While some of our film release liner “stock” covers a gamut of the requirements, sometimes film release liners just need to push the envelope. Film release liners may need to be physically thicker, colored, even branded and we can accommodate most requests without issue. That’s why we are the best at what we do.

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