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Full line of Film and Paper Release Liners for your Medical Application

Fox River Associates provides siliconized film and paper release liners for medical applications. As new medical devices are designed and engineered, and pressure sensitive adhesives are used to a greater extent, performance and compatibility of silicone release liners has become even more critical.

Silicone release coatings for the medical market are specifically designed for superior performance with soft skin contact adhesives, hydrogels, urethanes, silicone adhesives, hydrocolloids, drug loaded adhesives and many others. Developing the right combination of substrate and release coatings to meet your demanding medical application is what Fox River Associates does best.

The use of release liners in medical products has expanded with the continuous growth of medical wearable devices like continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), home health monitoring electrodes, and wellness vitamin patches which demonstrate strong patient benefit. Fox River Associates works with device manufacturers to ensure the appropriate release liner is specified for optimum product performance and adhesive compatibility with medical market release liners.

Our experienced medical team understands the unique needs of the medical industry and is qualified to help you specify the right release liners for your application. Contact our team today at (800) 647-6579 or info@foxriverassociates.com for more information.


For every new opportunity, Fox River Associates works with our customers, partners, and suppliers to address regulatory and cleanliness requirements at the onset of the project. From downstream sterilization tolerances to FDA compliance, RoHs REACH, ISO certified quality systems and cleanliness requirements, we work together to identify the appropriate solution for your silicone release liner need.

Fox River Associates’ release liners are ideal in multi-layer processing applications and are excellent for protection of electronic wiring and skin penetration points within the devices. Our products offer strength, precise caliper, puncture-resistance, excellent die-cuttability and cleanliness.

Fox River Associates is available to help you navigate the development path to determine the right release liner requirements for your product. Use the form on this page or call us today at (800) 647-6579 to start the conversation.


Whether you are an adhesive coater, converter, fabricator, die cutter or product designer of medical products, Fox River Associates offers the right release liner substrate to meet your application.

• PET Film Release Liners
• PP, HDPE, LDPE Film Release Liners
• Glassine, SCK Paper Release Liners
• PCK Paper Release Liners
• 1 Side and 2 Side (Equal and Differential) Release Coatings
• Fluorosilicone coatings

Pressure-sensitive medical devices utilize many adhesive types. Whatever adhesive your medical devices require - silicone, hydrogel, acrylic, or a combination - Fox River Associates has the right release liner for your application. Our full line of filmic release liners includes silicone and fluorosilicone release coatings for the wearable medical device market.


Because release liners are specialized products, at Fox River Associates we know that one size does not fit all applications. Our team is knowledgeable in release liner design and medical application requirements. We work with customers to understand your needs for substrate strength, processing temperature, transportation and storage conditions, die-cutting and slitting requirements, and end-use environment conditions.

Fox River Associates collaborates with you to ensure all requirements are defined and understood to ensure we deliver you the optimum product to serve your needs.

Our strong understanding of the core markets we serve, including the medical market, helps us to quickly focus on solutions that meet your needs.

Contact Fox River Associates today and let one of our medical market specialists work with you for your release liner needs. Contact us today at (800) 647-6579 or info@foxriverassociates.com for more information.

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