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Composite Release Liners

Fox River Associates offers composite release liners that serve as a conveyer for the deposition of the adhesive and composite while it's being manufactured. When a composite is produced, the composite release liner prevents the material from sticking together while the composite is stored. Since composites can be kept in freezing temperatures, the composite release liners are made to withstand very low temperatures and moisture. The best thing about our composite release liners is the chemistry between the composite and the composite release liners.

Since there shouldn't be any chemical reactions with the composite, a metal catalyzed release coating is no longer an option. Our composite release liners utilize no catalysts and will remain mechanically strong while maintaining a smooth finished surface for less friction.

Composite release liners have several configurations including the PET 1 and 2 sided release liners. The composite release liners are the same strength and have the same durability as an industrial or medical release liners making them the best choice for composite application. Since the application of the composite release liners can vary in temperature and moisture, the dependability is just as important in every configurations for composites.

One of our composite release liners is the PET Coated one or two sided release liner. A PET Film or biaxially oriented release liner is resistant to high temperatures and an extremely tough composite release liner. The composite release liners is a polyethylene terephthalate or “PET” base and is generally applied for high tensile strength, transparency, reflectivity, gas barriers, and electrical insulation.

For the two sided poly coated composite release liner applications there is a second layer of silicone on the bottom side as well as the top. So the two sided poly coated composite release liner configuration is made up of a layer of silicone, then a poly layer, either a paper or film layer, another poly layer, and then a second layer of silicone.

Composite Release Liners Composite Release Liners
Composite release liners are available in:
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Release Liners
  • Low Density(LDPE) Release Liners
  • Non Silicone Release Liners
  • Equal or Differential Release Liners
  • Best Moisture Stable Release Liner
  • Resin Holdout Liners
Composite release liners utilize low density polyethylene release liners or LDPE. LDPE is a thermoplastic that is made from monomer ethylene. LDPE is the most widely used plastic composite especially in containers and liquid holding canisters.

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