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Release Liners Composite Market

Composite Market Release Liners Fox River Associates has become known in the composite market as a leader in developing and distributing film release liners of the highest quality. Each release liner that we supply into the numerous composite applications is produced using repeatable production methods. The different liner constructions are produced by adhering to tightly controlled formulations and process parameters. The end result is release liners that will deliver the same performance from lot to lot, today and in the future.

Release Liners Designed with Composite Markets in Mind

Each of our top-quality release films has been specially engineered to provide the ultimate in performance and release consistency in your application. All films are produced in ISO 9001 certified production facilities.

We understand that every advanced composite application is unique and different film types and release coatings are needed to deliver the optimum performance. Fox River Associates offers many different types of film liners ranging from various polyethylene films to polyester, coextruded to polypropylene and more! Multiple film surfaces are available as well. Those include flat, diamond embossed and taffeta style patterns. Various film calipers are offered to meet the strength and performance characteristics that your product requires. A number of standard colors and opacity are available; we can also create a unique opacity/color combination for your application.

More Release Liners Options for Composite Markets

Depending on your end application, Fox River Associates can provide film release liners that are silicone coated and non-silicone coated. If your application requires silicone, there are a number of different release levels available to match your composite resin systems.

If you would like to learn more about our release liners available for the composite market, call us today at 630.232.3824. Or you can fill out the form on this page to be contacted by one of our release liner experts in the composite market.


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