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Ceramic Release Liners

A common ceramic release liner configuration is the poly coated 1 or 2 sided release liners. If the ceramic release liner calls for a single sided release liner, there is a single layer of silicone, then a poly layer, either a paper or film layer, and another poly layer.

Ceramic Release Liners Ceramic Release Liners

For the two sided poly coated ceramic release liner applications there is a second layer of silicone on the bottom side as well as the top. So the two sided poly coated ceramic release liner configuration is made up of a layer of silicone, then a poly layer, either a paper or film layer, another poly layer, and then a second layer of silicone.

Ceramic release liners are available in:

  • Poly Release Liners
  • Clay Release Liners
  • High Density (HD) Release Liners
  • Glassine Release Liners
  • Non Silicone Release Liners
  • Equal or Differential Release Liners
The clay coated ceramic release liners are made up very similar to the poly coated but the polyethylene is substituted for a clay base for the benefit of the ceramic.

Like our automotive release liners, the ceramic release liners also utilize low density polyethylene release liners or LDPE. LDPE is a thermoplastic that is made from monomer ethylene. LDPE is the most widely used plastic especially in containers and liquid holding canisters. Similarly, the HD or HDPE release liners are high density polyethylene release liners which have a very large strength to density ration meaning the liners are stronger and more durable than a normal release liner. Especially important with ceramic release liners.

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